Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How to Park Like a Pro #5

Don't fence me in daddio
A UK car-park this time.

English Breakfast at the Auchan, Dieppe

English Breakfast promotion at the Auchan Dieppe, 23rd Feb 2014
Fancy a Full English? Head on over to the Auchan in Dieppe - they're running an English Breakfast promotion. The chiller cabinet at the entrance is stuffed full of traditional breakfast items - half kilo chunks of Cheddar, and two types of smoked ham.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

French-made Pies!

We were on the Cote D'albatre Ferry to Dieppe which has just been taken over by DFDS Seaways, and noticed this curious thing. They're selling French-made Chicken and Mushroom Pies. I wonder if Greggs are going to retaliate? Foie-Gras Pasties? Lobster Thermidore bakes?

Dieppe: German plank

It probably means 'president' in Bavarian
Spotted this plank parked on the promenade last week. It's a German number plate I think; it has a squashed-bird-silhouette logo between the I and the P.

Dieppe - 'La Tout Va Bien' Restaurant is expanding

New larger terrace for le 'Tout Va Bien'
Dieppe's 'le Tout Va Bien' harbour-front restaurant is getting a makover. Builders have demolished the old terrace and began construction of a new steel-frame structure which looks to be twice the area of the old one.

Dieppe - New Solex

Guy fiddling with a new Solex in Dieppe last weekend
Velo Solex were the manufacturer of the iconic French bicycle with a friction-drive petrol engine mounted above the front wheel. Velo Solex was taken over by a Japanese company in the 1970s and production was scrapped. Looks like someone in Eastern Europe has started making them again; we spotted this brand new contraption outside one of the harbour cafes last weekend.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dieppe: the ‘Tie-Guy’ (formerly the ‘Wood Spud’)

Tie Guy
The Tie Guy, Dieppe.

As you head out of Dieppe on the D925 coast road going west, just after the Auchan round-about, there’s a chap who’s turned his front garden into a sort of open-air boutique. He specialises in that very necessary item; the gent’s second-hand tie, and hedges his bets in a fickle market with a selection of fine pre-owned ladies handbags. We refer to him, these days, as ‘the Tie-Guy’.

When we first noticed his little business five years ago, he was selling bundles of kindling at a very reasonable €1 a pop, and what with him being a gentlemen of a certain age we christened him affectionately ‘the Wood-Spud’.

We’d like to urge fellow travellers, particularly Brits - who after all are ‘a nation of shopkeepers’ - to support his entrepreneurship, and stop-off and at least browse. You’ll probably make his day.